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Enter a new world...

Virtual Reality has come of age.  There are many different ways that you can now experience some of the incredible cardboard virtual reality content that is being produced whether it’s a 360° immersive video, a full virtual experience or a mixed reality mash up.

AccessVR is both a manufacturer of wholesale VR and virtual reality cardboard headsets and a developer of virtual reality business content.

On this website you will find the very best VR Cardboard viewers so whether you just want one or 100,000 we can accommodate your needs.

Take a look and enter a new world…

virtual reality companies

Cardboard Viewers

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Virtual Reality Cardboard headsets in Europe.  All of our Google cardboard viewers are made at our state of the art facility in Berlin, Germany and shipped all over the world.
We can cater for orders of b2b virtual reality of any size and offer four different types of virtual reality cardboard headsets.

The VR

Having been involved in the VR revolution since its inception a few years ago we are now able to offer virtual reality business opportunities where we design and create the  whole experience.

From designing a full immersive business vr application experience to a 360° fly through we have the technology and skills to create anything in a virtual environment.

b2b virtual reality

VR services we offer...

Augmented and Mixed Reality will be the game changers in this sector and we are already working with Google Tango to create fully augmented experiences.  If you know what you want it’s probably best to give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to advise you on your journey.

Virtual Reality cardboard headset

VR Experience

Virtual Reality In Business

360° Filming

Wholesale virtual reality


Business Virtual Reality

Augmented VR

Google Cardboard for business

VR Apps

Our clients include...

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The Reality May be Virtual but the Healthcare Benefits are Very Real

December 19th 2017
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Give your Customers a Reason to Remember you

November 17th 2017
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